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Welcome to BTCPayeer Limited

We welcome all who are watching the international cryptocurrency market on the website of BTCPayeer Limited company which presents its investment program. If you've already heard about the existence of alternative payment methods, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, you should know that millions of people around the world not only pay for goods and services using them, but also make good money in the process of crypto mining and trading on popular e-currency exchanges. Most recently, for this you had to spend a few thousand dollars and buy high-end graphic card, but today it's enough to become a participant in the so-called cloud mining, which is rapidly gaining popularity in professional circles. BTCPayeer Limited has both the necessary experience and technical base to offer the best cooperation terms for all comers who want to earn cryptocurrency. To start getting profits you don't even need some knowledge or powerful equipment because the company's network of ASIC miners successfully fulfills all tasks and brings net income round the clock, 365 days a year. We use the raised funds to cover all the necessary expenses and are focused on continuous modernization of mining farms. Our team has been working since 2013 and over passed years we have developed a break-even strategy.

Investing here is simple and clear: the company offers the same conditions for all investors. Your deposit can be any amount that exceeds 20$. It will run forever bringing a 4% profit every day. You can get your deposit anytime after 24 hours with minimum fee.

BTCPayeer Limited guarantees stable accruals of income and instant payment as well. We are open to all comers, and hasten to share the fruits of our work!

People made their choice in favor of BTCPayeer Limited, because:

Firstly, the company is officially registered in the United Kingdom and professionally involved in cloud mining since 2013.
Second, our team owns warehouses and the necessary technical infrastructure for the smooth and profitable operation.
Thirdly, we have developed an automatic investment platform that allows you to become a client with just two clicks.
Fourth, the company offers a transparent scheme of cooperation, we have simple and intuitive investment conditions.
Fifth, all your deposits are credited after 3 confirmations and requests for withdrawal of profits are processed instantly.
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Calculate your profit

Total Profit:
2000 (200%)
Daily Profit:
40 (4%)
Weekly Profit:
280 (28%)
Monthly Profit:
1200 (120%)
BTCPayeer news
BTCPayeer program crossed one month mark!
Aug-18-2016 05:38:44 PM
We welcome all customers of BTCPayeer Limited and would like to inform that exactly one month has elapsed since our investment program was launched. In that brief period we are gone together through ups and downs, overcame difficulties and technical failures. No doubts, you've been paying attention to the well-coordinated work of our customer support service: we continue to do our best to promptly notify investors about current issues and status of their solutions.
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